A theater artist and mathematician who had the great idea of making a website for both interests but then I had to decide whether to write in third-person for the theater people or first-person for the math people. You understand, don't you?

About the Artist

Corrine Yap is a playwright and performer passionate about issues of race and gender in contemporary society. Her works reflect her cultural experiences as an Asian-American woman and a mathematician, usually with a tinge of expressionism. 

Corrine was born and raised in rural Missouri, in a Filipino-Chinese household. She received her B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, but not before her focus on theater and mathematics led her to study at the Moscow Art Theatre School and at the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program. She won the David Lindsay-Abaire Award for Excellence in Playwriting during her senior year for her original solo show, Uniform Convergence, which had its world premiere at Sarah Lawrence.

Since entering graduate school, Corrine has continued to perform Uniform Convergence at theaters and math departments alike. Her Off-Broadway debut was with the Pan-Asian Repertory Theatre in NYC as part of their 2017 NuWorks Festival. Since then, she has performed at several schools including university math departments and high schools.

About the Mathematician

Iā€™m entering my third year as a Ph.D student at Rutgers University, pursuing research in combinatorics and graph theory. In 2015, I attended the Budapest Semesters in Mathematics program, and in 2016, I received my B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College. I've done research on unipancyclic matroids with Dr. Colin Starr at the Willamette University REU and on phylogenetic networks with Drs. Katherine St. John and Megan Owen at the CUNY Lehman College REU. Since 2014, I've taught at MathILy, a summer math program for gifted high school students, under the direction of dr. sarah-marie belcastro. 

I love teaching and learning in equal measure and am also excited to hold various leadership positions in the Rutgers math department. Currently I serve as AWM chapter president, Graduate Combinatorics Seminar organizer, head proctor, and liaison committee member.