Mathematician / Playwright / Performer / Asian American / Woman / Lover of Purple

Current News:

Fall 2019:

  • Uniform Convergence is having performances at Bryn Mawr College on November 5th and The College of New Jersey on November 12th.

  • I was interviewed for the September issue of the MAA Math Horizons magazine! If you or your school has an MAA membership, you can access it here. If not and you’d like to read it, contact me.

+ Past News

Summer 2019:

  • I taught at MathILy-er for two weeks and MathILy for three weeks in my sixth summer with the program.

Spring 2019:

  • I performed at Pomona College, CA on Feb. 22; Dickinson College, PA on April 8; UGA on April 12; and Princeton on April 16!

Fall 2018:

  • I wrote a guest post for the AMS inclusion/exclusion blog about my journey writing and performing Uniform Convergence.
  • I performed at Avenues: The World School in Chelsea (NYC) on October 16 and for the Ithaca College math colloquium on November 12 .

Summer 2018

  • I performed Uniform Convergence at the national mathematics conference, MAA MathFest, in Denver on August 3rd!
  • This was my fifth summer of teaching at MathILy.

Spring 2017

  • Uniform Convergence had performances at Westover School, Middlebury, CT on April 5th (you can find a review here) and for Rutgers Day on April 28th.
  • In non-UC news, I became the president of the newly-formed Rutgers AWM Chapter! More info is under "Mathematics."

Fall 2017

  • Uniform Convergence had performances at Rutgers University on Nov. 3rd and Yale University on Nov. 10th. You can see some photos from Yale here.
  • I wrote a short play for the Brooklyn-based Rat Queen Theatre Company as part of their 8th Grade Thanksgiving Pageant!

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

  • My Off-Broadway(!) debut was a performance of Uniform Convergence at the Pan-Asian Repertory Theater in NYC as part of their NuWorks Festival (April 28-29).


Last updated: July 5, 2019