Poster from April 2016 production at Sarah Lawrence

Uniform Convergence
a solo piece

Through the lives of a 19th century Russian mathematician and a present-day Asian-American math professor, this solo piece explores the struggles of two women trying to find their place in the academic world. Using text, mathematics, movement, and music, the play is an attempt to understand identity and how we communicate who we are.

Poster from a reading with the Melancholy Players, Sarah Lawrence College; April 2016.

To Be Disappeared
6 actors: 1 Asian/Asian-American, 1 transgender female; otherwise, non-race/gender-specified.

Three pairs of people – one of acquaintances, one of strangers, one of lovers – are taken from their ordinary lives and thrown into captivity. Without any sense of who or why, each pair finds their own way of staying alive. Exploring the psychological effects of semi-solitary confinement and the possibilities of torture, mutilation, and sexual assault*, this play follows three relationships through rising tensions and desperation and the ever-decreasing hope of being set free.
* TRIGGER WARNING of the aforementioned subjects *