I am currently a first-year in the mathematics Ph.D program at Rutgers University. My research interests are primarily in graph theory and combinatorics.


On Determining if Tree-Based Networks Contain Fixed Trees, with M. Anaya, O. Anipchenko-Ulaj, A. Ashfaq, J. Chiu, M. Kaiser, M. Ohsawa, M. Owens, E. Pavlechko, K. St.John, S. Suleria, and K. Thompson, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 78(5) May 2016 961--969; find it on the arXiv.

Unipancyclic Matroids, with A. Huszar, C. Starr, and C. Wahl; in preparation.

Other Work

Since 2014, I've been a part of this summer program for high school students, directed by dr. sarah-marie belcastro: