I am currently a 2nd-year in the mathematics Ph.D program at Rutgers University. My research interests are primarily in graph theory and combinatorics. For my (less exciting) Rutgers website, click here.


Unipancyclic Matroids, with A. Huszar, E. McNicholas, J. Schreiner-McGraw, and C. Starr; submitted August 2017.

On Determining if Tree-Based Networks Contain Fixed Trees, with M. Anaya, O. Anipchenko-Ulaj, A. Ashfaq, J. Chiu, M. Kaiser, M. Ohsawa, M. Owens, E. Pavlechko, K. St.John, S. Suleria, and K. Thompson, Bulletin of Mathematical Biology, 78(5) May 2016 961--969; find it on the arXiv.

Other Work

Since 2014, I've been a part of this summer program for high school students, directed by dr. sarah-marie belcastro: