Mathematician / Playwright / Performer / Asian American / Woman / Lover of Purple

Current News:

Summer 2019:

  • I am teaching at MathILy-er for two weeks and MathILy for three weeks in my sixth summer with the program.

  • Fall performances of Uniform Convergence are currently being arranged for the Philadelphia and Chicago areas. Check back for more details!

+ Past News

Spring 2019:

  • I performed at Pomona College, CA on Feb. 22; Dickinson College, PA on April 8; UGA on April 12; and Princeton on April 16!

Fall 2018:

  • I wrote a guest post for the AMS inclusion/exclusion blog about my journey writing and performing Uniform Convergence.
  • I performed at Avenues: The World School in Chelsea (NYC) on October 16 and for the Ithaca College math colloquium on November 12 .

Summer 2018

  • I performed Uniform Convergence at the national mathematics conference, MAA MathFest, in Denver on August 3rd!
  • This was my fifth summer of teaching at MathILy.

Spring 2017

  • Uniform Convergence had performances at Westover School, Middlebury, CT on April 5th (you can find a review here) and for Rutgers Day on April 28th.
  • In non-UC news, I became the president of the newly-formed Rutgers AWM Chapter! More info is under "Mathematics."

Fall 2017

  • Uniform Convergence had performances at Rutgers University on Nov. 3rd and Yale University on Nov. 10th. You can see some photos from Yale here.
  • I wrote a short play for the Brooklyn-based Rat Queen Theatre Company as part of their 8th Grade Thanksgiving Pageant!

Summer 2017

Spring 2017

  • My Off-Broadway(!) debut was a performance of Uniform Convergence at the Pan-Asian Repertory Theater in NYC as part of their NuWorks Festival (April 28-29).


Last updated: July 5, 2019